This was my lunch today: avocado bacon and eggs. It was so good that I had to share it with you. I know it’s not my normal crafty thing, but it sure was delicious! I saw this recipe the other day and pinned it to my paleo Pinterest board. It was such a brilliant idea: eggs baked in avocado. I made the Pinterest version for breakfast over the weekend. It was good, but I had a few problems. Maybe it’s because I’m not a great cook and I don’t really like to cook, so I haven’t picked up on regular cooking tricks. Anyhow, today I tried again and added my own twist – bacon. Here’s the recipe plus what I did to stop it from making a mess:

avocado bacon and eggs

Avocado Bacon and Eggs

1 Avocado
2 eggs
2 strips cooked bacon, crumbled

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Scoop out the avocado so the hole matches the size of your eggs. I didn’t do this the first time and the eggs were too big and oozed all over the pan.

avocado bacon and eggs

Crack an egg into each half of the avocado, resting the edge of the avocado on the side of the cookie sheet. This helps keep it stable so the avocado doesn’t roll and spill the egg. Add the pieces of bacon to the top and place in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. You can adjust this based on how you like your eggs cooked. Then add salt and pepper to taste. I would not have imagined that warm avocado would be so yummy, but IT IS! I could eat this for any meal.

avocado bacon and eggs

avocado bacon and eggs


UPDATE: Thanks to recommendations from my smart readers, I have been using a muffin tin to stabilize these in the oven. It works like a charm, and even if you misjudge how much avocado to scoop out like I did last time and the egg spills over, the mess is contained in one tiny section. I even ate the spilled egg in this version. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

avocado bacon and eggs

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100 Responses to Avocado Bacon and Eggs

  1. b says:

    good grief, this looks good! i love avocados…will definitely be trying this!

  2. I love all things avocado! This looks yummy – thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Eileen says:

    OMG I LOVE this idea! I am into baked eggs these days, and scrubbing muffin tins is such a chore. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These look so delightfully delicious! I can’t wait to try them. I found you on Whimsy Wednesday links!


  5. Christine says:

    Oh WOW!! Not only does it sound good… it looks WONDERFUL! Yum!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!!

  6. Mara says:

    Betsy! This is a great healthy recipe that I will be sure to share. You are so creative and your blog is very informative and entertaining! I just love to open up FB and see your smiling face, it’s just like you’re waving from down the street! ~Mara

    • Betsy says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Mara! I always think of you as down the street, even though we’ve both moved to different states. I hope you’ll enjoy the recipe, and thanks for sharing!

  7. This looks so yummy! I’m definitely going to have to try this!

  8. Leave it to me to immediately find the first recipe on the page- these look delicious! I’ve made baked eggs in avocados before but haven’t tried to perfect the recipe-even though it’s so simple. Looking forward to trying it like this. I love all the DIY projects on your blog too!

  9. Oooh! I really, really want to try this! Pinned!

  10. Wanda says:

    This looks amazing! I make scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon. I love the idea of baking it in the avocado. I will be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  11. heather says:

    this looks too good!!

  12. This amazingness will be featured today on Smart School House for Whimsy Wednesday! You are awesome! Can’t wait to see what you’re brining to the party today.

    Hearts & Hugs,
    Kelly at Smart School House

  13. This looks so very good, I Love avocado’s. I would love for you to link up at my party,
    Hope to see you there. It’s going on now!
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  14. Thanks again for sharing another one of your awesome creations. Come visit us again next week!


  15. Melissa says:

    I tried doing this tonight and I took your advice and scooped out plenty of avocado but I still had the white spilling all over the place so before I had a major fail I changed tactics and made it into a casserole. Did you use small eggs? Or, did you have white spilling over and I can’t see in the photo?

  16. kristy says:

    Super excited to try this! Just a thought though; if you use a sharp knife to cut a small area off of the outside of the avacodo halves, in order to have a flat surface, it should keep it from rolling. It doesn’t have to be much, just slicing off the rounded area.

  17. I love that you added bacon

  18. Betsy says:

    Thanks, Heather! It was really good. Thank you for the original inspiration!

  19. Elyse says:

    Just made this and it was delicious!! I added slivered tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and a bit of garlic salt on top. Love the poached texture of the egg. Such a yummy breakfast!

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  21. Melissa says:

    I added some chopped spinach leaves… was so yummy! THANK YOU!

  22. Kathryn says:

    Made this tonight and loved it but I would like more avocado with the egg so I may try a hass avocado next time! Is that what you used?

    • Betsy says:

      Hi Kathryn, I’m not sure what kind of avocado I used. I just bought what they had at my market. They were about the size of a fist. Hope that helps!

  23. Kathryn says:

    Forgot the word “large” in front of hass! Is a large hass what you used?

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  25. Chris says:

    Hello Betsy,

    Thank you for this easy, simple, and delicious recipe. My husband and I love it! Just posted it on my blog and sourced it back to you. Thanks again!


  26. Brandi says:

    For the non-cooker (new term?) like me, this was delicious and easy! I had it for dinner. Thank you for the recipe!

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  28. Heather says:

    Tried this. All I can say is amazing. Do you think it would be ok to reheat these?

  29. Connie says:

    these look really good. Has anyone tried resting the avocado in a muffin tin to get it balanced. Seems in my mind that would work pretty well.

  30. Kelly says:

    Just tried it and it was great! Good way to use your avocados that might be too rip to slice and use. Also defiantly needs a full egg per half. I tried scrambling my egg and halting it… Not successful! But I also sat the avacado halves on top of my muffin tins and they didn’t roll around on my (I’m kinda clumsy). Thanks for sharing!

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  32. AmyLW says:

    These just came out of the oven and I’m currently noshing on them. I added a bit of shredded cheese. Oh. My. Lanta. They are ah-mah-zing!

  33. hazel says:

    Make little cradles out of aluminum foil for the avocados, to keep them from tipping in oven. Lightly crush a small sheet of foil for each avo, then use a whole avo and press down into the foil to shape the “cradle”. Save the cradles for the next time. Less cleanup, and thrifty?

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  35. Heidi Maria says:

    Going to eat this tomorrow!!!! Looks delish!

    • Betsy says:

      Oh my goodness, it is, Heidi! I had it for lunch yesterday. I’ve started using a muffin tin to hold the avocado and that makes it so the egg doesn’t spill out so easily. Yum!

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  37. heather berner says:

    These were super easy to make, but I only like scrambled eggs, so I scrambled them first than pour them in. I hope that works. They are in the oven now. I’m very excited.

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  39. Arissa says:

    Has anyone tried making them ahead of time, refrigerating them and then popping them into the microwave in the morning?

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  42. Tamera Stevens says:

    I may have missed this somewhere in the recipe, but what do you do with the scooped out avocado? Do we simply eat it separately; it doesn’t look like you put it back into the shell so I sure don’t want to mess up this wonderful recipe? I can’t wait to try this; avocados & eggs are two of my favorite foods!

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  44. Sigrid says:

    You could make a little avocado hollandaise with the scooped out bits to spoon over the top. [You will finds lots of recipes if you google it.]

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  47. This looks delicious. I’m going to try this.

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  51. nidia says:

    Thank you. I had two coworkers tell me this recipe and the same thing happened to me, the avocados tilted and the eggs runneth over. Thanks for sharing, I will now redo right.

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  53. C says:

    Did you have to cook the bacon before you added it to you avacados, or can I assemble this all together with raw bacon then place in oven?

  54. Linda says:

    Do you put some of the Avocado Pulp back in before you Bake this ?

  55. m says:

    had problem.. nothing indicated avocado had to be ripe this is my first try at doing anything with avacado’s

  56. […] This looks amazing!I make scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon.I love the idea of baking it in the avocado.I will be trying this soon. This image is meant to be a source of inspiration.No copyright infringement intended.I do not own images posted on this page. For more details please visit this link : annanimmity […]

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