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Each year on my children’s birthdays I tell them the story of the day they were born. They are all teenagers now, but they don’t roll their eyes too much when I ask if they’re ready for the story. They are wise enough to know that I am going to tell them anyway. The lucky birthday child gets to hear about the ordinary things that happened that day leading up to the moment they were born. My husband throws in a few jokes. They hear how we loved them since before we knew them, and how excited we were to meet them.

Mostly, it’s a recap of three of the best days of my life. The stories are simple; not hilarious or wild. But they are their stories. I want my kids to know that I remember the sweetness of the days they were born and am grateful for every day since then that I get to be their mom.

My birthday was in the summer and I happened to be with my parents, so I asked them to tell me the story of the day I was born. I had no idea what a gift it would be to hear them recall that day. I could feel their love for each other and for me. I’m smiling just thinking about it. If you are lucky enough to have your parents here on earth, ask for your story. You’ll be glad you did. If you are lucky enough to be a parent, share your child’s story. Your child will be glad you did.

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4 Responses to Birthday Stories

  1. Cindy says:

    What a beautiful idea. Thank you!

  2. Bianca T. says:

    I tell my kids their birth stories too! And even though I only intend to tell the ‘birthday child’ I end up telling every child their birth story on everyone else’s birthdays. It makes them feel super special.

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