red napkins white bleach stars

I’ve seen lots of cute projects that people have done with bleach pens, so I thought I’d try one. I started with these napkins from the dollar store and this bleach pen.

bleach napkin supplies

I drew stars on the napkin with the bleach pen.

bleach pen results

I let them dry for a while. They didn’t dry. I used a blow dryer to dry them. They still didn’t dry. And they didn’t bleach. I wonder if they forgot to put the bleach in the pen? It did nothing. So, I moved on to plan B. I used a paintbrush and painted the stars with 100% bleach. It worked right away.

paint with bleach

You can see the bleach pen napkin still looks the same, with foamy stuff sitting on it, and the painted bleach napkin is already bleaching.

bleach pen in the back bleach paint in the front

So, I washed the napkin with the bleach pen and it came out perfectly red. Then I painted that one, too. One thing to note is that the paintbrush looked like this after I used it to paint with bleach. It was pretty much toast, so don’t use a good brush if you decide to try this.

paintbrush after painting with bleach

I painted the bleach pen napkin a couple of hours after I did the first one, since I had to wait for it to go through the wash. I’m not sure if I used more bleach, or if it was the different brush I used, but the lines are not as clean as the first napkin. Still cute, just different. After the bleach painted napkins dried, I washed them.

bleach star red napkins

This is how they look:

red napkins white bleach stars

I can’t wait to get some more napkins and make a bigger set of these. They will be perfect for the whole summer, starting with Memorial Day, all the way through Fourth of July and Labor Day. I love summer. And Americana. And these napkins. Blue would be really cute, too. I’m sure you could make your own napkins to bleach if you are the sewing type or if you can’t find any napkins at your dollar store.

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9 Responses to Bleach Star Napkins

  1. Jenny says:

    Such a fabulous idea! I have so many ideas of how to use this. I’m sharing this on my Facebook page. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  2. Mrs.M says:

    I love that you showed what DIDN’T work. These look great, I think I need to make a couple sets for summer as well.

    • Betsy says:

      Thanks, Mrs. M! That’s one of the things I love about blogging, that we can share our trials and errors, hoping that the next person who tries it can skip that step and take it to the next level. :)

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  4. Donna Wilkes says:

    Well. I should have read this post first so disregard the questions I asked on the star towels. You have pointed out all the things that could go wrong and how to fix them! Through failure, there is success! (My motto for this month.)

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  5. Love this idea…they are so cute…and it’s easy!

  6. thanks for sharing your bleach pen results, too … the real deal definitely works! well done, so cute – i want to copy!

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