books and vegetables

Books and vegetables. If a kid in this house asks for either of these, the answer is always YES! It wasn’t always that way. When they were little they used to ask for things non-stop, wherever we went. I found it very frustrating and they got used to the automatic NO. Then one day my sweet and very smart mom pointed out that SOME of the things they ask for actually make my job as a parent easier. When I thought about it, I realized she was right. {Thanks, Mom} Why in the world would I give an automatic NO to a request for vegetables? Because that particular veggie wasn’t on my grocery list? Who cares? Because money was tight? Put back the crackers! I was always trying to get them to eat vegetables and it did not make sense to say NO when their timing wasn’t the same as mine. So I made a conscious decision, and made it clear to them, too, that if they asked for vegetables, the answer was always YES!

The same was true for books. While they loved to hear us read to them, there were times when it was pure torture to get them to do their own reading for school. So, another conscious decision was made to say YES to any book request. You’re asking ME if YOU can read? Why yes, yes you can. And I will go get the book right now.

It’s still the same, even with teenagers. I recently had a request for hummus and veggies for dipping. Got it. The most recent book request: The Hunger Games. Two of our kids read that one in one week. The next week we bought two copies of the second book in the series because both kids were ready at the same time. That’s how important we think it is to feed their minds while their minds are hungry. (Hungry, Hunger Games, get it? Puns follow me.) Another thing about the YES is that there are no strings attached. It’s never used as a bribe or a reward, and it’s not withheld as a punishment. It’s just plain YES. I can’t tell you how much I love this element of our family routine. Everyone in this house knows these standards. Books and Vegetables. Yes.

Which requests get a guaranteed YES at your house?

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4 Responses to Books and Vegetables

  1. Rosario says:

    like you post. My daughter read that same book for a class requirement. She cried when she finished it. At the time we were on our vacation in Mexico. So as soon as we were back in the states she looked for the book. Was able to purshase it with money ger Godmother gave her for Christmas. The third book, took longer to get, because they were out at our nearest Target. She has read all three. And she cried because she was not sure what book to read next.

  2. Hilarious. I can totally understand how you can get in a pattern of saying no all the time! I love this! :) Thanks for sharing with my group!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Love vegie & book story! Reminded me of the very embarrasing time that my mother-in-law took my daughter (now well well over 30 years old) to the grocery store. My sweet little angle asked her grandmother for a can of corn. Grandmother said, really? corn? She said, “yes, we can’t afford corn.” All because I was always saying No to those incessant requests at the store and often used the excuse that it was expensive.

    • Betsy says:

      That’s hilarious, Jeannie! I love it! That easily could have been me, too, until I made that decision to say yes to books and veggies. :)

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