We still have a real tree at Christmas, and we have the perfect, hand crafted Christmas tree stand.

hand crafted Christmas tree stand

This was Brian’s solution back when we had toddlers tipping the Christmas tree over. It’s a canister stand with cross feet made of heavy metal bolted to a custom designed wood stand.

We started out with just with the metal stand. But it wasn’t quite sturdy enough. So it was bolted to a piece of plywood. For a few years the stand received more upgrades each year, including feet, molding, stain and paint. It’s been in the current stage of metamorphosis for many years now. I used to think it was funny how much time was spent upgrading the tree stand each year. But we love it. We don’t ever use a tree skirt because the stand is now a work of art. Even when it’s hanging in our garage, it’s beautiful. You can see in one of the photos that Brian even designed his tool rack in the garage to match the tree stand.

hand crafted Christmas tree stand

tree stand 1

tree stand 2

tree stand 3

If you have toddlers, this is a great idea for keeping them a little safer around the tree. We never did figure out how to keep our little ones from taking the bottom ornaments off the tree, but if you still have toddlers in your house, don’t worry; in just a few short years you will be able to decorate the entire tree again.

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