I found this ad in a vintage magazine from 1966. This woman definitely does not have time to iron sheets. How do you think they got all seven kids to do the right pose for this photo? Maybe it was easier because they were facing their mom, so we don’t see all the expressions. I know I can barely get three kids to smile at once. Seven smilers would be a miracle. Anyway, I’m very glad that sheet ironing is not a current standard. Even if my sheets were wrinkled out of the wash, I can think of a thousand ways I’d rather spend my time.

iron sheets ad 1966 seven kids

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2 Responses to Did People Iron Sheets in 1966?

  1. carol says:

    My mom loved it when the grandkids asked where her clothes dryer was…because her dryer was a clothesline. And it did a pretty good job of “ironing” the sheets. I think some women took it a step further and actually ironed them!

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