This DIY Party Banner is something I made before our daughter left for Spain last week. I put it up before the “family dinner” when we had our in-town family over to send her off the week she was leaving. I think it might have to stay up until she comes home.

vaya con dios party banner

To make this, I started by choosing festive colors of felt. I decided on the words to use, then I cut three felt squares into triangles, one for each word. The words mean “Go with God.” I read that in Spain, this is something you might hear from a priest in church, but I thought it was an appropriate message from us, too. Next I cut letters out of felt, sewed them onto the triangles, then sewed the triangles to a blue ribbon. I tied the ribbon to our curtain rod. It was a very simple and quick project and could be customized for any party.

vaya con dios banner

vaya con dios party banner

vaya con dios party banner in window

I also updated the wall art in our house that I change every now and then. I keep the same red polka dot background and create art with felt. Buen viaje means bon voyage in Spanish. For this, I cut the letters out of felt and sewed them onto the rectangle shaped piece of felt. I used spray tack so it just sticks to the red polka dot fabric. I peel it off when I’m ready to change it out.

buen viaje wall art

If you want to see some of the other art I’ve used in this frame, look here, here, here, and here.

buen viaje wall art

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