hot cider

1. Hot cider. Yum.

theater hair

2. Theater Hair. The night my niece stayed with us she had dress rehearsal for a play, so I got to do the “theater hair.” It’s so nice when things turn out perfectly on the first try. I hope I get to do this again.

storm front

3. Watching a fall storm front come in. I had no idea until I moved to Missouri that you can actually see a front.

dewar's chew

4. One Dewar’s Chew. They are like gold around here. My son brought back four chews from California. One for each family member. I was only able to photograph the wrapper because I wasn’t thinking about taking a picture when I saw that glorious piece of Bakersfield deliciousness.

yard sale fabric

5. Yard sale fabric. I bought a box of scraps and when I got home and started putting them in the washer, I found these near the bottom of the box. These weren’t even the ones I wanted in the first place, but they are lovely. Tennis fabric? Really? It looks just like the racquets I hung on my wall! (see the tutorial from earlier this week). I think there are some headbands in my future. What else could I make with these scraps?

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