Here we go:

1. Flag coffee mug. When I moved away, my dear friend gave me the mug from her kitchen, the one I always chose when we had coffee on her porch. It reminds me of her every time I drink from it. This was such a sweet, thoughtful gift, the kind money can’t buy. I love how this image looks like it has a halo. That was a happy accident.

coffee mug

2. Bobinbox. This plastic box came with my grandmother’s sewing machine. I love getting bobbins from here and seeing the type on the top of the box. I always notice the spelling and wonder if they meant to spell it that way. I guess if you’re going to be cute about spelling, you should try to be obvious that you’re using the incorrect spelling! I hope you all know that I really do know how to spell anonymity!


3. Chocolate. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to make it through the week. It’s always a good idea to use all the tools at your disposal to make your life better!


4. Fiesta teapot. Hot tea on a cold fall day is the perfect thing to make you feel cozy and warm from the inside out.

fiesta teapot

5. This one’s not really a favorite, I just wanted to show you how quickly my favorite tree changes in the fall. Last week I showed you all the bright red leaves that I’m pretty sure you could see from the moon if you were up there. This week they’re mostly gone. They still look nice on the ground. (See, you can tell I’m eating chocolate right now because I’m trying to stay positive!)

naked tree

I hope you’re having a spectacular week!

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