Now that it’s officially fall, I’m starting to think about having the first fireplace fire of the season. Even though it’s still too warm in Missouri to have a fire yet, I thought I’d get prepared so that the first night when it does get cold enough for a fire, we will be ready to go. We start fires the old fashioned way since we don’t have a gas fireplace. That means we need good ways to get the fire started and keep it going. We normally buy fire starters from Lowe’s, and make bundles of kindling from the little sticks that our trees shed in our yard throughout the year. I saw this idea from Martha Stewart and thought this would be a great way to save money on the fire starters, and use our old papers instead of putting them into the recycling bin. Here is what I accomplished while watching the end of Air Force One. Some of these might be wound too tight, but the movie was getting to the most exciting part while I was making these!

fire starters

I love the warm, cozy, glowiness (I made that word up) that our family room has when it’s bitter cold outside, but we are all snuggled up by the fire inside. I hope these fire starters work!

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