Here’s a quick project I did a few weeks ago. See this white top? Well, you can probably tell by how wrinkled it is that it came from the back of my drawer. I didn’t wear it very much because the elastic around the waist didn’t look good on me. Whether it was too tight or not tight enough, I just didn’t like where it sat on my middle. One day, I wanted to wear a white tank top but didn’t have any clean, so I decided to make this one wearable.

white tank top for fringe project

I cut off the elastic band at the bottom. Then I cut the fringe, making the strips about two inches long, because I didn’t want the fringe to start higher than the waistband on my shorts. I’ve seen some fringed tops that look cute where some torso skin shows, but that didn’t feel like an age appropriate look for me. :)

cut fringe on tank top

I sprayed the top with a water bottle to get it damp and threw it in the dryer for a few minutes. That took out the wrinkles and helped the fringe roll nicely. Then I wore it. The end.

fringed tank top DIY

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