Life Magazine, February 23, 1942. These ads are from that issue.

I love the “Get More Out of Life with Coffee” logo on this one. The descriptions of how it helps soldiers, actresses, and big band directors make me smile. Coffee helps me, too. Just the thought of coffee makes me happy.

get more out of life with coffee

Sears Roebuck catalog, featuring a tennis outfit! Oh my goodness I absolutely love this. I would love to look this good on the court. And only $2.98, what a deal! Too bad looking good won’t make me a good player. My coach (aka my son) tells me I need to play for more than my current 6 weeks out of the year in order to get good.


Mr. Bug Goes to Town looks like a fun movie. I’d like to see this someday. Have you seen it? I just checked Netflix and found that it’s on DVD, but not streaming. Rats. Oh well, the ad still makes me smile. :)


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