gingerbread houses

Over the weekend my family made our traditional gingerbread houses. This year we ended up having a boys house, a girls house, and a grown-up house. There is always a little crossover between the houses, and we are all allowed to add candy or ideas to any house.

They boys’ house had a traditional military element, but didn’t look quite as much like a fort as in years past. Note the tanks and helicopters on the front lawn. They did have a guy making a snow angel on the back lawn. The girls’ house had a colorful roof, a stone walkway, and Santa and a gingerbread man in the yard.

The new things we did this year: trees made out of Bugles and green frosting, a fence made from Tootsie Rolls, pretzels, and green frosting for a garland, and the previously mentioned tanks and helicopters are a new design this year. We also tried the pretzel thatched roofs.

tanks and copters

snow angel

girls house


boys house2

back of grown-up house

This is a great project for multigenerational families. It’s been really fun to watch our houses mature as our family grows up and we all gain home building experience each year that carries forward to the next year.

Are you building this year?

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