November is a month that reminds us to give thanks for all the blessings we have. Sometimes it’s easy to feel down about the things we don’t have or the things in life that we don’t think are going our way. I’ve found that when I feel this way, it’s best to turn the focus away from myself and think about someone else. So, in the spirit of building a more grateful heart this month I’m going to perform 22 Random Acts of Kindness, one for each day leading up to and including Thanksgiving. They will be simple things that I hope will make someone else smile. If I don’t post a RAK each day, I will share a few at a time. This was inspired by my friend Kate, who did this for her birthday. I wrote about her RAKs here. Will you join me in showing thanks by participating in random acts of kindness? Share in the comments what you do for your random acts of kindness.

Day 17. Help an older gentleman at the gas station who couldn’t figure out how to use his credit card at the pump. Things we take for granted when we live in the city aren’t as easy for someone who lives in the country and normally gets his gas from a mom and pop station where he goes into the store to pay.

random acts of kindness gas pump

Day 18. Email my son’s teachers to thank them for their part in his education. It can’t be easy to be a teacher. We have teachers who go out of their way to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible. I appreciate them, so I let them know.

Day 19. I let someone go in front of me in the school pick up/drop off line. High school pick up/drop off is a mad house. It’s the most stressful place I’ve ever driven, and that includes the freeways of Los Angeles. I let someone out of line who had their blinker on while five or six cars went by and didn’t let them in. I know this seems minor, but it is always such a gift when someone does this for me, because like I already mentioned, that line is really stressful.

To see the Random Acts of Kindness from the other days, click here.

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2 Responses to Giving Thanks: Random Acts of Kindness {Days 17-19}

  1. Tee says:

    Just wanted to say that I love reading your RAK’s. You’ve come up with some wonderful gifts and I know that your readers will re-bless others because of it. I’ve always tried to do at least one good thing per day and you’ve given me ideas that I haven’t thought of.

    Thanks for being YOU

    • Betsy says:

      Thanks, Tee! You said it perfectly. That is my wish – that my readers will re-bless others. I love that you do this every day, even when it’s not Thanksgiving. You inspire me to be better at it. Enjoy your week!

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