I’m a huge fan of candied nuts, and these healthy caramel pecans are just the right thing to give nuts that sweet taste without using regular sugar. Have you ever heard of the Date Lady? She makes these fabulous syrups made of organic dates. She’s based in my hometown, so I’ve seen her products at my local farmers market and in the stores where I shop. Since I’ve been trying to eat a more paleo diet, I’ve found these syrups to be a really good addition to my cupboard. A few days ago I wanted to make some candied pecans to use for snacking and for salads, so I decided to try using the Date Lady Caramel Sauce. This is the fancy sauce, with a whopping three ingredients. (Her other one has only one ingredient.) Anyway, this was the easiest thing ever.

Date Lady Caramel Pecans

Here’s my recipe:

2 cups raw local pecans
1/4 cup Date Lady Caramel Sauce

Directions: Drizzle caramel sauce over pecans, just enough so that when you mix them they are well coated with sauce. You might need less than 1/4 cup of sauce. Spread nuts on cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Cool and eat.

Date Lady Caramel Pecans

These are just what I was hoping for. They are sweet and crunchy. I don’t think they’ll last long.

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