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This is a sweet and simple way to add some Christmas spirit to your surroundings. The only supplies you need are felt and some ribbon. I used three sheets of green felt, one for each letter of the word I was spelling on my banner, and some white felt for the letters.

Start by making a tunnel in your felt for the ribbon. See in the picture below? I put the ribbon in while I was sewing so I didn’t have to string it later. If you do this, be sure the ribbon is out of the way of the sewing machine so it doesn’t get caught in the seam.

ribbon tunnel

Once I had the tunnels made, I cut the felt into triangles. I just eyeballed it, but you could measure if you like things to be precise. I started at the middle of the bottom and cut at an angle up to the seam. Then I cut the other side, starting from the bottom middle. Do this for each pendant section of your banner.


The next thing I did was cut out the letters of the word I was bannerizing. I used a snowflake for the “O” in JOY. I sewed the white letters onto the banner, but I think it would work to glue it instead if that seems easier to you. Then I hung it up. Make the ribbon as long as you need to be able to tie it on either end. You could tie it to a curtain rod, string it across your mantle, or even put some tiny nails in your wall and tie it to those. Give it a try!

sew letters

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One Response to JOY Christmas Banner

  1. Susan says:

    What a great idea! That is so cute! The photo makes it look like satin material. I didn’t realize it was felt until I kept reading. So cute, Anna!

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