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Do you have a way to display your Christmas cards every year? We always love getting Christmas wishes and seeing photos of our friends and family each year. So that we can continue to enjoy them for a few weeks, I tie ribbons to the curtain rod in our dining room and staple the cards to the ribbon. We get to enjoy the photos every night at dinner. This year, I decided to add a little banner to the top of the ribbons.

It’s simple. You need one piece of red felt, a scrap of white felt, and some ribbon.

felt square

Cut the red square into quarters. I used three of the quarters. Cut the quarters down into triangles.


Cut out letters from the white felt. I made a snowflake to use as the “O” in joy. Glue them onto the triangles. Sew each triangle to a length of ribbon, leaving enough ribbon at the top to tie onto your curtain rod.

sew ribbon

That’s it! Tie them on and start adding cards as they come in the mail. Once you have the ribbons up each year, it is easy to staple a few cards each day. I usually spread my ribbons apart, but I closed the curtains because I didn’t want the reflection from the window in my photograph.

joy ribbons

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