I’ll just say it: I’m a ModCloth affiliate because I’m a huge fan of their style. They have real vintage clothes, new vintage-styled clothes and kitschy housewares. In watching the previews for The Great Gatsby, which is being released this weekend, I have been reminded how enamored I am by the styles of the twenties. Lucky for me, ModCloth has a whole section of roaring twenties styled items collected in one place.

Full of glitz, glamour, ornate details, and a true style all its own – what girl wouldn’t want “The Great Gatsby” look? Whether you are looking to enjoy a casual Gatsby themed garden party or don your most glamorous look at a fabulous cocktail evening, there are plenty of ways with ModCloth to add a flapper-esque flair to any look this spring/summer.

  • Details, details, details. Epaulets, pearls, rhinestones, and sequins were highly used during this time period to add glitz to an evening outfit.
  • Slender silhouettes. While you could still see a full skirt, long hemline, and high neck, the robe de style dress featuring a drop waist and straight cut was the most popular style.
  • Haute headpieces. To top off the entire look, add a whimsical & decadent headpiece from ModCloth. You can even DIY a fabulous headband with ribbon, feathers, and gemstones!

I’ve told you before how I get into movies or television series, then feel the need to dress the part. {Most recently it was the Winnie Cooper headband look and the Audrey Hepburn bun that I shared here.} I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen with this movie, too. In my hunt for the perfect 1920s inspired outfit, so far this dress and these shoes are my favorites.

Patisserie Delicacy Dress from ModCloth

Notch Your Step Heel in Caramel from ModCloth

Will you be needing some 1920s styled clothes, too?

For more tips & tricks to achieve the perfect flapper-esque look, you can visit the ModStylists here: ModCloth ModStylists Will Style You Up!. The ModStylists can put together a look-book specifically for you!

1920’s Great Gatsby Fashion at ModCloth

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3 Responses to ModCloth & The Great Gatsby Fashion

  1. Bethany K says:

    Those shoes are to die for!

  2. You’re so right on this. ModCloth is a fantastic resource for vintage-esque pieces and true vintage style. I’ve found that the quality is hit or miss but have been really happy with some of the pieces I’ve gotten from them.

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