We don’t have pets. None. It’s not that we don’t like animals, it’s just that we have three kids and that’s always been enough responsibility for us. Lucky for us we have had great neighbor dogs. When we lived in California there were two dogs next door, Daisy and Duke, and they grew up with our kids. They protected our kids like mama bears protect their cubs. They sometimes wandered into our house when we left the door wide open. We would often see them looking into our dining room window while we ate dinner, so we’d just include them in the conversation. We played with them daily. We got Christmas cards from the dogs for several years after we moved.

Now we have Moose. He lives next door. He is starting to warm up to us, now that we’ve shown him where we keep the dead tennis balls. He knows he is welcome to have them. He often hears our garage door open and comes over to get another one…or two. He walks into the garage, takes a ball, walks over and smiles, then heads back home. Sometimes he lets us throw the ball for him. Sometimes he just takes it home. His family doesn’t know where he’s hiding all these balls. It will be fun to learn what he is doing with them. Today I had my camera in the garage when he came over, so I captured the whole thing. Doesn’t he look like he’s saying thanks? So sweet.

moose the dog getting tennis ball

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7 Responses to Moose the Neighbor Dog

  1. This looks like my Maybelline……she’s a black Labradoodle and LOVES dead tennis balls! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I love this. He is so clever and he does look like he is saying thank you. :)

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