Okay, so by now you know how much I love Pinterest for collecting ideas. I’ve been wanting to make my own nativity set to replace the one I’ve been using for many years. Here are some of the creative sets I found during my Pinterest search: (click the image to get to the source)






While my parents were here for Thanksgiving, my Mom and I started my nativity project! I’m happy with how it looks so far. I decided to revamp the manger I already had to save on time. I think it looks better now that it’s been re-roofed. Here’s a peek at the manger and our angel. Stay tuned for more photos as the project continues…


manger roof


My cousins in California told me about this event several years ago called No Room at the Inn. It’s an annual display of nativity scenes collected from all over the world. They talked about how wonderful it is to see so many different interpretations, all telling the same story. If you live in the Ventura County area, you should put this on your calendar for some nativity inspiration. I hope I can make it to this event sometime!

Have you made a nativity set?

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7 Responses to Nativity Ideas

  1. Jana says:

    Oh! My!!! I absolutely LOVE the SPOOL nativity set! I must make that!!! They would be cute ornaments too. I remember seeing an ornament online where they had a little wooden ball tucked into half a walnut shell and partially covered with a pit of white felt. Some tiny wire with stars held the nut and a small tag on the ornament said “Christmas in a nutshell”. Might try to make that too… Which nativity set do you like best?

    • Betsy says:

      Thanks, Jana! That is really cute. My mom made something similar many years ago and I’m lucky enough to have one hanging on my tree each year. :) I like the spool nativity, too. I’m making one with clothespin people, but with bigger heads like on the spool. Send pictures if you make these!

  2. Jana says:

    Oh how I have loved your mom’s sweet ornaments over the years! Can’t wait to see your nativity. This reminds me… a few years back I made a set of wooden people for a birthday ring that I couldn’t quite figure out how to make… anyway, I thought I’d send you a picture of them. They were fussy and fun…(and a few probably violate some Disney rights or something!). I’ll post them on Facebook and link it here. I know your mom has inspired these as I have admired her wooden folks since I can remember!

  3. Jana says:


    I decided to post them in an old blog of my paintings…they are kind of little paintings.. (I don’t update the blog much at all.)

  4. Jana says:

    Hi Betsy,
    I made the spool nativity that you showed here. Here’s a link to a picture of them. Thanks for posting the idea!


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