When I pulled into my driveway after school drop-off this morning, I noticed that there was quite a ruckus going on in the side yard where our wood pile sits. This little bird had a wad of string in its mouth and was backing up and pulling, then flying into the air trying to take the string. The string wasn’t letting go because it was attached to one of the stick bundles that my husband made. (He saves all the sticks that fall into our yard from the trees and makes bundles tied with string, and we use these to start our fires in the winter.) This little bird kept me entertained for five minutes with its valiant efforts to obtain this string. Eventually I got a pair of scissors and cut the string, leaving it on the ground next to the wood pile. When I went back out a few minutes later the string was gone. :)

nesting bird with string

I’ve been thinking about leadership a lot lately. This little bird was a good reminder to me to pay attention to the people and organizations around me and what they are trying to do. Sometimes there is something simple I can do to help out in someone else’s valiant efforts. Being a leader doesn’t always mean YOU have to be the one to come up with the idea or the plan. Sometimes the best way to be a leader is to be a follower in someone else’s worthy charge. I love the idea that my small bit of support could be the final straw that allows something amazing to be accomplished. Thank you, little bird, for the sweet reminder to pay attention to the opportunities around me. I’m okay with my support being a drop in the bucket, especially when the bucket ultimately makes the world a better place.

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4 Responses to Nesting Bird and Leadership

  1. Judy says:

    awww, so sweet and so glad you cut the string for this little persistent bird. You are so right, sometimes it is the littlest thing that matters so much!

    • Betsy says:

      Yes, sometimes my tendency is to do nothing because it feels like I couldn’t possibly make a difference. This little bird reminded me otherwise.

  2. Loooove lessons learned from unexpected places! Great thought: sometimes the best way to be a leader is to be a follower in someone else’s worthy charge. I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun!

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