There are lots of ways to upcycle picture frames. One of my favorites involves organizing your jewelry so it’s not tangled up in a pile in your room. Here are two picture frames I converted into jewelry hangers.

white frame jewelry hanger

black frame jewelry hanger

I had a stash of frames in my basement that weren’t in current use. The white one was the easiest of the two. First I opened up the back of the frame and removed the guts, including the glass. Then I cut two layers of cardboard from a shipping box in the exact size of the cardboard that was already in the frame. This was just to make it thicker, so that pins would be able to stick in. I layered all the cardboard and surrounded it with kraft paper. I used tape to hold it down in the back.

white jewelry hanger back

Then I put the whole thing back in the frame and pushed down the metal picture frame holders in the back. It was pretty thick, so it stuck out in the back a little bit. Then I hung it on the wall, put pins in it, and hung the jewelry. No more tangled mess! This one worked for me because it wasn’t too girly, and I was trying to be respectful of the fact that my husband was going to have to look at this every day, too.

For the black frame, I used the same process, except that after I removed the guts, I pained the frame with spray paint. Instead of wrapping the layers of cardboard with kraft paper, I used a page from an old book I bought at a library sale several years ago. And to think, I was just about to give that book away when I noticed the wonderful retro images within its pages. This was a perfect fit for my daughter’s personality.

black jewelry hanger closeup

That was one of my favorite projects for two reasons: first, it was really easy; and second, it organized tangled messes. I find that the more things in life that are organized, the better I can handle the things that aren’t! As always, Take My Ideas! Give this a try.

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One Response to Picture Frame Jewelry Hanger Tutorial

  1. Judy says:

    What a great idea!! Also can line the cardboards with fabric that matches your deco, or your daughter’s room or office, etc. Or use scrapbook papers. (Can even display with photos underneath jewelry or supplies. Can use to hang small office things, also can tac up small baggies with things in them. Can also weave ribbon or use criss crossed in diamond patterns and attach safety pins or paper clips to where ribbon crosses or in between to make it more child safe so straight pins don’t fall onto floor unnoticed. Once I even saw a small juice can (or tomato paste 6 oz. size) that was also covered attached to hold office things. I can’t wait to do this one as I have tons of large frames I don’t use anymore! Wow the note cards are filling up today!!

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