I came across the remnants of my childhood collection of Wacky Packs the other day. I’m trying not to be a hoarder, but this kind of stuff gets in the way of my good intentions and leaves me conflicted. Anyway, I’m going to share a sticker from my collection every now and then, because one of my rules about keeping things is that I have to use it or display it so that I can enjoy it. It’s not supposed to be stored in the basement or attic. So….don’t you think displaying it on my blog counts as displaying it? I think so. Plus, it has the added bonus of letting you enjoy it, too!

Today it’s Rabid Shave. Polluted and Foaming.

topps wacky packages rabid shave wacky packs

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2 Responses to Rabid Shave

  1. Yes, this definitely counts as displaying. I’d love to see some more. I looked at the others too and they’re pretty funny. It’s things like this that cannot be replicated nowadays. I’ve got a book of vintage packaging for sweets and I’ve been looking for an excuse to chop a few pages and frame them.

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