rice heat bag

I know these have been around forever, and I’ve seen many versions of them. I saw this cute one earlier this week and since it’s finally feeling like winter in Missouri, it motivated me to give one a try because it seemed like it would be really cozy on these cold nights. I grabbed some fabric scraps to start. I used muslin for the inside bag and terry cloth for the outside bag (so it can be washed). I’ve seen lots of bags made with flannel for the outside bag, but I didn’t have any. Terry cloth seemed like the closest thing I had in terms of thickness. I had partial bag of rice so I made sure my project would fit the amount of rice I had on hand.

rice heat bag supplies

I had about three or four cups of rice, so I guessed at the size of the bag. It ended up being about 12″ x 6″. Starting with the inside bag, I folded the muslin in half and sewed it as seen in the photo below into three compartments, leaving an opening on one of the long sides of the bag.

inside bag in compartments

Next I filled the three compartments with rice, leaving enough room to sew the seam on the long side once the rice was inside.

rice bag compartments

Now onto the outside bag. I used the inside bag as a template to get the size right on the outside bag. I cut a strip of terry cloth the long way, making sure to leave extra length for the foldover part of the cover. I hemmed the two ends of the terry cloth, so then it was a long strip (about 30″) with two hemmed ends.

hemmed ends

Next, I folded the terry cloth like in the photo below, right sides together, with the ends overlapping as in the photo.

overlapping ends

Once it was folded properly, I sewed along the two sides to close up the outside bag.

all sewed up

I left the opening in the middle of the bag where the two ends overlapped, so I could flip it right side out, then insert the muslin bag of rice.

rice bag

I heated it up in 30 second intervals until it felt as warm as I wanted it to be. It smelled like rice at first, but now after a few warmups the smell isn’t as strong. The warm bag immediately left my possession and traveled around to various family members. Looks like I’ll be making a few more of these.

folded rice bag

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