Welcome back to Salty Saturday! This is a vintage set I picked up at Goodwill in Savannah, GA. The black Americana chefs are wearing yellow pants, have bow ties, and big eyes. The shakers are ceramic with cork plugs on the bottom. They are stamped “Japan” on the bottom, too. I’m not sure how old these are. These two pieces were the only things that caught my eye that day at the Goodwill Store. I like how they can stand together like the Painted Ladies in San Francisco.

black chef salt and pepper set

black chef salt and pepper set 2

top of black chef salt and pepper set

bottom of salt and pepper shakers

salt and pepper shakers black chef

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2 Responses to Salty Saturday #12

  1. Tee says:

    Clapping wildly and kinda’ silly like. I love Black Americana and these are tooooo stinkin’ cute!!

    I’ve started this game,(I being the only player)of looking at your sets and saying the first thing that they remind me of. These are now your “smores” set :)

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