Our land line hasn’t been working for several weeks. It’s one of those things that hasn’t taken top priority, since we can just use cell phones. But there is something about a land line that I like for long conversations. I like not getting dropped. I like not having voices cut out at the end of each sentence. Since I’ve been feeling the need to catch up with family on both coasts, I thought I’d try to figure out why the phone wasn’t working. Enter the Sculptura Donut Telephone that used to belong to my great grandmother. I brought it up from the basement to test the phone line to see whether it was my modern phone or the line that wasn’t working. It turned out to be the wall jack. I moved the base to another jack and now we’re back to normal.

Sculptura Donut Phone

In the process I learned that our phone service doesn’t support rotary dial! I guess I haven’t tested the phones since we switched phone service. This makes me sad. Apparently some phone service (not internet based) still supports rotary. If I want to use my vintage phone, I’ll have to buy some kind of adapter that will allow for conversion from rotary to tone. Even though I’m probably not going to get an adapter soon, I’m still keeping old faithful.

There is something about this phone that forces you to stay focused on the conversation at hand: the shape. There is no way you can hold the receiver with your shoulder, so don’t even think about multi-tasking when you’re talking on this baby! There is also the fact that the phone is attached to the wall. There’s nothing cordless about it. It brings you back to an era when we paid attention to one thing at a time. I think I’ll leave it out as part of the decor to be a sweet reminder to slow down and enjoy the conversation – we don’t always have to do twenty things at once.

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