As parents, our goal is to bring up well rounded children who will, because of the people they are, make the world a better place. We want to expose them to music, sports, literature and the arts. We want them to have an understanding of other cultures and realize that the rest of the world may not see things the way we do. We strive for the balance between overexposing them and underexposing them to what the world has to offer. How do we decide which things to do and at what age to do them? It’s a lot of pressure!

Here’s the latest evidence that parents shouldn’t sweat the small stuff:
Sparrow Stencil
Hand Painted Dresser

Isn’t this beautiful? My first thoughts, when my daughter said she wanted to paint her walls and dresser, were about how hard it would be to paint over black on her walls, and how this dresser would never be the same. I’m glad I got over that. I want this child to become a person who feels like she has some control over her environment; that she has some power to make this the kind of world she wants to live in. I think she has a good start, because changing the world starts at home.

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  1. elaine says:

    You are such a cool mom!

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