Steal my craft projects, copy my work, or create something new based on my ideas. Really.

We are on the internet, after all. Everyone can see this. I show you what I did because it makes me happy to share and I hope you will be inspired. Some creatives are very possessive of their ideas. I’m not.

What’s the point of having a good idea if not to share it? We advance and grow only because we have the ability to share ideas and then accept, decline, or adapt those ideas. Creativity and innovation don’t happen in a vacuum. What we think, what we create, who we are, is a result of being exposed to a lifetime’s worth of images, sounds, thoughts and experiences.

Art teachers often instruct their students to copy the masters. It is considered the best way to learn form and technique. If you consider my work worthy of copying, Thank You!! If you see my work and come up with a way to change it and adapt it for yourself, Do it!

I ask only two things: First, that you give credit where credit is due. If my work inspired your project, please mention where the idea came from and link back to my post. Second, don’t take my identity. Not my brand identity or my personal identity. I’m not sharing those. If you like my identity that much, get your own here.

This is the smart post I read by Evie S that made me think if I ever have my own blog, I want a similar post. Thanks, Evie S.

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  3. […] To make them, I started with kraft bags from the dollar store (2/$1). Then I cut felt into the images I wanted to put on the bag, then glued the pieces to the bag. I got out my jar of buttons and added a few touches. Gift tags were made from card stock with upcycled buttons. After a lifetime of saving buttons, I’m finally using them! I used Elmer’s Tacky Glue for both the felt and the buttons. I think it works better than regular Elmer’s. Last, I added some matching tissue paper. These are fun to make, and give you a custom gift presentation. The possibilities are endless. I hope you’ll give it a try! As always, take my ideas! […]

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