tennis ball garland

It’s spring. Do you know what that means around here? It means high school tennis season! I am beyond excited to be a tennis mom again. My older kids both played when they were in high school and it was one of the highlights of parenthood for me. I’m pretty sure it was a highlight of their childhood, too. Now that our youngest has decided to play as well, it means I have a shot at four more seasons! Woohoo! {I had to throw in that shot pun.} I’m not sure I can pinpoint exactly what I love about being a tennis mom. It could be that it gives me the chance to focus on one child, with no multi-tasking. Maybe it’s the fact that as an introvert, I have always preferred individual sports. High school tennis is the best of both worlds: it’s an individual sport structured within a team. The athletes get to play a singles match and a doubles match, plus have their scores tallied with the rest of the team to determine which school wins. Maybe what I love about being a tennis mom is that there are so many great tennis families here. I get to be around them and soak up their goodness. Whatever it is that makes me love it, I am happy to welcome this element back into my life this season.

Now I know that technically it’s spring, but we are supposed to be getting a few inches of snow today. Good thing I still have my tennis ball snowman wreath hanging on the front door. Procrastination pays off and we will look like we knew all along that we weren’t done with the cold weather. To celebrate the return of tennis season inside the house, I created a tennis ball garland. As you know if you are a tennis player, balls don’t last forever. After a while they get flat, or dead. I’m always looking for ways to upcycle them and give them another life before they hit the landfill. Here’s how I made the garland:

I started with a bunch of dead tennis balls, put them in a vice grip, and drilled holes all the way through them.

tennis ball garland

Then I found a piece of yellow bias tape and an elastic threader. I think you could use any ribbon or string, I just used bias tape because that’s what I had around. This next part takes a few minutes and a little patience, so wine and chocolate could possibly be helpful to your mental state while you create this.

tennis ball garland

I just threaded the bias tape through the loop at the end of the elastic threader and stuck it through each tennis ball. Finding the first hole was easy. Finding the second hole is where the patience comes in. After the ribbon was through first couple of balls I got the feel for how to find the second hole. You can see in the photo below that my threader wasn’t much longer than the tennis ball, so I had to smash the ball down so I could get a good grip on the threader to pull it through.

tennis ball garland

This next photo shows how it looked with three balls attached. I was playing with my camera and trying to focus on the middle ground and it actually worked, so I’m including this shot.

tennis ball garland

I used a total of 15 balls for this garland. The balls are a bit heavy, so I wanted to be sure they wouldn’t break the string. I used screw-in hooks under my mantle to provide enough support for the weight of this garland. I added a couple of vintage racquets in front of the fireplace and that’s it. {I thought we were done using the fireplace for the winter.}

tennis ball garland

tennis ball garland

I love having a little bright color on my mantle and the sweet reminder to appreciate this tennis season while I can. I think the tennis ball garland would be a fun decoration for any tennis themed birthday, or for high school tennis banquets across the country, too.

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  1. Little Bit says:

    That is a cute idea… My husband is the boy’s high school tennis coach and this would be a fun decoration for the end of the season banquet. Little Bit

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