tennis racquet display

You may recall that I found some wooden tennis racquets at the Salvation Army while I was in New Hampshire over the summer. Total cost: $1 for two racquets. My plan was to hang them on my wall (if I could squeeze them into my carry-on bag and get them home). Three things worked in my favor: first, the racquets made it home, second, I have a husband who likes nice presentation, and third, we recently made a pact to either display or use our collections, not store them in the basement! The end result is this racquet display that makes me smile every day.

Here’s how he did it: First, he bought a fence post topper at Lowe’s. He also bought a wood star to glue on top.

racquet display 1

Then he cut grooves in the bottom like you can see in the photo. He used a mitre saw. You could use a regular saw, since this is on the underside and doesn’t have to be perfect. Make the grooves wide enough so that the racquet handles can fit in them.

racquet display 2

racquet display 3

Next he used some wood scraps to create the bottom piece by cutting them to make the shape you see in the photo. The big square on the bottom piece is the same size as the post topper.

racquet display 4

You can see how the grooves are formed on the pieces and how the racquet handles fit into the grooves.

racquet display 5

racquet display 6

Next he sanded and painted the pieces, first with a coat of red, then black, then red again. He wanted to sand the last layer of red and have some black showing through, making it look worn. Last was a coat of polyurethane.

racquet display red

racquet display black

close up racquet holder

Once the paint was dry he screwed the back piece to the front piece with wood screws. This was done without the racquets. Then he attached the picture hanging hook. Next he opened the two pieces, inserted the racquets (and added a bit of wire to the criss-cross of the handles to hold the racquets the way he wanted them) and put the screws back in.

back of racquet display

Now the racquets are hanging on our wall and not being stored in our basement! Mission accomplished.

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