I’ve had a Dorothy moment.

You know, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She winds up in Oz and spends the entire movie trying to overcome various obstacles to getting home, only to realize in the end that she’s had the ability all along. My moment relates to my living room. We’ve lived in this house for several years and I’ve never loved that room. It was just kind of blah. Over the weekend, I rearranged the room and pulled things from other parts of the house, including some recently refinished furniture that had been in our basement and attic. When I was done, the room looked so much like us that I couldn’t believe it. It was the perfect combination of quirky, eclectic, vintage and family pieces. It probably helps that the Christmas tree is in there right now, too. It sits on a tree stand that Brian made over the course of several years to protect our toddlers. Each year for many years the stand got some kind of upgrade (frame, paint, stain, feet, etc.). Now it is a beautiful piece of furniture that we will use forever even though our high school and college aged kids don’t ever try to climb the tree anymore. You can see more photos of the tree stand here.

Back to the Dorothy moment. When the room was done I stood in the doorway looking at it and feeling giddy about how I had nailed our personalities perfectly and how this room was such a reflection of us and our years together. This was a rare thing for me. I’m not a natural decorator and don’t have the ability to take junk and make it look good. Until this room. As I stood gazing over my new room and imagining all the great times we would have in this vintage-y space, it hit me. Everything in this room has been in my house all along. There was not a single new piece of furniture, painting, or radio. I hadn’t needed a bunch of money to make this room look good. I only needed to do something different with what I already had. We could have been enjoying this room for years!

Now I’m looking at other parts of my life and wondering what else is already here? Maybe there are more answers inside me and I just haven’t figured out how to tap into them. It was a great reminder to keep trying.

vintage music room

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