Here is a thoughtful gift to give to a piano player in your life. Anyone who plays the piano, to me, is golden, because both my dad and my husband play by ear. It is such a gift to hear someone play the piano at the end of the day. I am a lucky girl because I’ve had this luxury all my life, first with my dad, now with my husband. I can’t wait for my parents to get here for Thanksgiving, then I’ll get a double dose of piano!!

piano gift

This is what’s included in this themed gift idea: Coasters made from vintage magazines, all piano images, a scarf embellished with piano keys (see this tutorial to make your own), in a piano gift bag. You could also include a CD or download of piano music, some vintage music sheets, or a vintage hymnal. I’m told that there is some wine called Piano, too, which would be a nice addition.

I hope you like this idea!

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