While on vacation in New Hampshire I checked out the Salvation Army just for fun. I found these tennis racquets for 2/$1, so I picked them up.

Jet and Head Tennis Rackets

I’m a fan of tennis. I’m a beginning player and use a hand me down racquet from my son. (Or is that a hand me up?) The racquet I use is much more modern than these, but I like the look of the vintage wood racquets. One of these is warped so it’s flat on one side. I think I’ll hang these on my wall if I can fit them in my carry on bag.

Jet and Head Tennis Rackets

I like that these reveal our family’s current interest in tennis, but in a nod-to-the-past kind of way. They remind me of Chris-Craft boats. I probably won’t find a beautiful vintage wooden sea vessel at Salvation Army for fifty cents. But you never know. I will keep looking.

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