When we were first married we didn’t have a big decorating budget. We did, however, love vintage magazines. So, we framed Coca-Cola ads from the back cover of Life Magazines and hung them in our dining area. To this day, we still have framed Coke art on our walls. My favorite part of this is that we can change out the images whenever we want some variety. During Christmas, we change them to the Santa Coke ads. We keep most of the ads right there in the frames, so when it’s time to change them, we just open the back of the frame and rotate the ads. Here are some of our favorites:

coke ad baseball

coke ad picnic

coke counter

santa coke ad train

coke santa kid in  pink

santa elves coke ad

santa coke ad

I think these old ads did a great job of capturing the best of who we were as a country. They all make me smile and make me want to live in a world like the one pictured in the ad, where families are strong, neighbors care about each other, and everyone is patriotic.

Another thing I love about these vintage Coke ads is that the Santa in these ads is the best Santa I’ve ever seen. I love his dark eyebrows, his pure white hair and his rosy cheeks. Since I first saw his image, every Santa I see is measured against this one.

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