I have three teenagers. They go through clothes like crazy. They either outgrow them, or stop wearing them before they’re worn out. Lucky for us there is a place in our town that buys gently used teen clothes. You can take a bag of clothes there and walk out with a few bucks in your pocket. We’ve developed a few tips for selling; little things that we think will help you get more money for your clothes. Tip #1: Let your kids keep the money from selling their clothes – it’s a great motivator to get them to clean out their own closets! (or floors)

The store is picky though; they take only name brands in good condition. It’s important to #2 Make a good impression when you go in to sell. Whatever you wear, the staff will subconsciously think that the things in your bag are that quality, too. So wear your fanciest brand name jeans. If you walk in the store in your sweaty workout clothes or the outfit you wore to paint your room, that will give the store employees a completely different impression of you. You want the employees to have a preconceived idea that your bag of clothes is really new and fashionable, and therefore worth more money. It’s also best if the bag you use to carry your clothes comes from a store where teens shop. Garbage bags don’t make a good impression. The last part of making a good impression is to fold your clothes neatly. Don’t just pick them up off your floor and shove them in the bag. Presentation counts.

bag for selling

Tip #3: If your kids aren’t old enough to take their own clothes in, bring them with you, making sure they are dressed in brand name teenager clothes. You want to avoid any possibility that “mom jeans” will enter the employees mind while going through your child’s perfectly good clothes.

Tip #4: Keep trying. Sometimes clothes are rejected because they’re too old, or they aren’t a brand that particular employee recognizes. Trying again on another day, with another employee, might get you a different answer. This is, after all, somewhat subjective. Some clothes, like the ones that come from Urban Outfitters, don’t always have brand names that the staff is trained to recognize. Sometimes all it takes is getting that one employee who also loves Urban Outfitters. We have had luck on the second or third try with a few items, so don’t give up after only one try.

I hope these tips help you get higher prices on the clothes you sell. Good luck and enjoy those cleaned out closets!

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