Have you ever purchased a watermelon only to discover it was a bit mushy? Well, that happened to me recently. Instead of throwing out the chunks of watermelon that nobody would eat, I decided to create a watermelon cocktail.

watermelon cocktails

It was simple, really. I cut the watermelon into pieces and put them in a bowl, like I usually do for convenient snacking. When I realized they were not being consumed because they were too mushy, I used the bottom of a milk glass to smash them even more, releasing the juice. I strained the juice and saved it in a glass jar until I was ready to make the drinks.

For this drink I used equal parts of watermelon juice and LaCroix sparkling water over ice, with about a shot of vodka. I am guessing on the measurements – I just eyeballed them. I topped it off with some fresh mint from my yard.

watermelon cocktails

We ended up with a refreshing, light drink that wasn’t too sweet. If you like sweet drinks, you could add some sugar, but I liked it the way it was.

watermelon cocktails

I’m voting this another winning combination: Not wasting food and Creating a yummy summer cocktail. I hate throwing out unused produce, so this was a great solution. I need to get better at this kind of thing. How have you reduced waste when it comes to produce?

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10 Responses to Watermelon Cocktails

  1. Heidi Williams says:

    great summer cocktail suggestion! i’m loving american harvest organic vodka with pellegrino and fresh limes.

  2. Carol jemison says:

    Rachel Ray says you can make ice cubes out of watermelon…. just cut the fresh fruit and freeze it. Those might be nice in this drink. ??

  3. “Waste not, want not!” What a great way to save the juicy fruit. I’ll definitely be trying the recipe this weekend.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I absolutely love yours! :)

  4. what a lovely idea i will try this

  5. This definitely qualifies for a Waste Not Want Not post!! It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, I’ve pinned it :)

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