Happy Wednesday! Today’s Wear It On Your Head Wednesday was actually a project I did while I was working on other projects. The felt pieces were laying there in a heap and when I looked over at them, I saw this. You know, like when you see images in the clouds? Same concept, only piles of felt. So I made a few quick cuts and sewed the pieces onto this hat I had from the dollar store. I’ve been informed by my kids that the design is a little pedestrian. Okay, that’s not the word they used, I just thought it sounded better than what they really said. Suffice it to say, no teenagers in this house will be wearing this hat. Maybe better for the younger crowd who is just starting to text? Or maybe for the older crowd who is confident in their own style and doesn’t care what other people think? Would you wear it? Honestly, I wouldn’t wear it either. Oh well, part of the creative process is dealing with flops. Hopefully that will increase my odds of success on the next project!

<3 hat

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6 Responses to Wear It On Your Head Wednesday #3

  1. Tee says:

    LMAO! I’m old but try to convince people that I’m cool. I was just not getting the whole <3 thing and was happy that you were okay with a flop.
    Butt, then I cocked my head a little to the right and WOW, I get it!
    Now your "flop" has turned into something ingenius!! Something that a high-end designer would wonder why they didn't think of it.
    Wear that hat with pride (humiliate your children) and you'll be as cool as me :)

  2. haha! Oh, you’re clever–even if your kids don’t think so! I LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to my Valentine Link Party!

  3. Mindie says:

    Super cute! Good luck from Bacon Time.

  4. Trish says:

    I love this!
    Being a 26 year old mommy and computer geek (IT), I’ve made similar and have seen so many beanies, shirts, etc on sites such as Shanalogic for years now! Love, love, love!

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